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WI WATERCOOLERS ITALIA is the association that gathers the main Italian companies that specialise in water bottling and distribution, point-of-use water treatment systems and manufacturers of related products and equipment.



Promote the participating companies on an economic and social level and encourage collaboration with public institutions to improve and develop this sector;


Protect the general interests of the Associates, representing them, within the limits established in the Articles of Association, in their relations with Institutions and Administrations, other Authorities and Entities, economic, product, technology, social and cultural Organizations, in Italy and abroad;


Help Associates in their activities, providing assistance to reach their targets, within the limits of the Association’s objectives;


Take care of the following specific activities:
a) set up and/or take part in European and international associations;

b) act as liaison between companies in the sector, harmonising activities and objectives and promoting cooperation;

c) organise and curate initiatives aimed to keep Associates up to date (from an economic, technical, professional and regulation point of view);

d) carry out market research and studies relevant to the sector, by collecting news and data or collaborating with other Entities;

e) select and nominate its representatives within Entities, Administrations, Institutions, Organizations, both in Italy and abroad, where their presence is necessary for the purposes of the association.

The WI WATERCOOLERS ITALIA brand provided to Associates is a guarantee of safety and quality for consumers.
For further information, please contact WI WATERCOOLERS ITALIA

 +39 0248958566